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When any individual, group, or company acquires a right, interest, or property, a legal document in the form of a Deed must be issued by the Grantor who has the legal capacity to issue the privilege. There are several kinds of legal deeds and depending on the kind of thing being granted, different forms of deeds must be issued. At Best Templates, we have numerous forms of deeds that are Professionally-Drafted, Well-Researched, and  Legally-Compliant that you can use depending on the type of transaction being engaged in.

A deed is considered a legal instrument that is signed, attested to and delivered. This is most commonly done in the transfer of title of a property. However, if a deed has to be legally enforceable and valid, the following requirements need to be present:

  • It must be handed over by the grantor and fully received by the grantee

  • The signatures of the grantor and witnesses must be affixed on the deed. In some countries, it’s still very important to have a seal and notarization attached to the deed document to make it both legal and enforceable

  • To make it both valid and legal, any of these phrases must be indicated : “This Deed” or “Executed as deed for”

  • It must fully indicate that it’s an instrument that conveys privilege or thing to an individual

  • The deed must be executed by the grantor in the presence of instrumentary witnesses that’s prescribed as sufficient in number for the deed to be issued

  • The grantor should have the legal capacity to grant the thing or privilege indicated on the deed and the grantee should also have the legal ability to receive it

A deed’s use, however, is not just limited to rights and properties. It can also be used in commissions, licenses, patents, and diplomas. In order for you to be able to effortlessly prepare a deed for whatever purpose you intend to issue it for, we at Best Templates offer you Readily-Formatted with suggested outlines and Easily Accessible Legal Deeds Templates that you can Easily Edit, Customize and Modify in commonly used application softwares like iPages and Word. This also makes it Easier for you to Print and Share both physically and online. We even offer Suggested Titles and Text Placeholders for Ease of Edit and Presentation. We can assure you of Industry and Legally Compliant Legal and Business templates that you’ll have no trouble using in your different transactions.

At Best Templates, we have a Huge Template Library of more than 500,000 Templates, Designs, Business and Legal Documents that are very affordable and easy on your budget. What’s more, these are continually Updated and Expanded every week. These Print and Digitally Ready High Quality Templates give you Easy Access to Print and Share Digitally once you purchase and download your choice of templates. So go ahead, Add, Edit, Replace, and Modify the contents of your Legal and Business documents as often as you please depending on your specifications. At Best Templates, we give you the Best Quality Templates with Ease of Access at the best possible prices.

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